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When it comes to helicopter telecommunications and repeater support throughout Alaska, certainly speed and efficiency are paramount. Heli Alaska provides these charter services, offering a fast and efficient solution for companies in need. Our experienced pilots and expert knowledge of the industry make Heli Alaska a reliable choice for telecommunications projects of all sizes.

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Use Heli Alaska for Telecommunications

HeliAlaska - Radio Tower
  1. Firstly, we have extensive experience providing Telecommunications and Repeater Support.
  2. Overall, our services are faster than others in the industry.
  3. In addition, we offer more affordable rates than our competitors.
  4. Fourthly, we have an intimate knowledge of the local area and terrain.
  5. We are FAA licensed and bring a wealth of experience to every job.
  6. When you contact us, your call will be handled by one of our experienced pilots.
  7. We pride ourselves on being both flexible and responsive to your needs.
  8. Moreover, we continuously monitor safety and changing weather conditions to ensure a safe and successful operation.
  9. Additionally, as a local Alaskan business, we understand the unique needs of our community and are committed to providing high-quality services to our fellow Alaskans.
  10. By choosing us for your Telecommunications and Repeater Support needs, you are getting the best service possible and supporting your local economy.

Our R44s are equipped with a fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540 engine, providing ample power and performance to reach even the most remote locations. Furthermore, with a maximum weight of 2500 lbs and an empty weight of 1505 lbs, including oil and standard avionics, the R44 is both powerful and lightweight, making it perfect for this type of work. Manufactured by Robinson Helicopters these machines certainly are an American staple.

Cost of Your Support Charter

Cockpit Flying with Heli Alaska Inc

Certainly, the costs of telecommunications and repeater support in Alaska can be hefty. As such we have made it simple with A FLAT HOURLY FEE.

Cockpit Flying with Heli Alaska Inc

We only charge for flight time

In general with other providers, if the helicopter is in high demand, work will be more expensive.

Weather that is not favorable can make helicopter charter more expensive and necessitate extra resources.

In particular cost can be influenced by the number of personnel required.

In similar fashion, competitors’ costs can vary based on the type of equipment needed.

Of course, the cost can even depend on the location of the works, with remote areas likely more expensive. Again, we only charge for flight time.  

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HeliAlaska - Radio Tower in the snow

Using Heli Alaska for your telecommunications and repeater support offers several key benefits. 

Certainly, by choosing Heli Alaska for Telecoms or Repeater Support, you are supporting a local Alaskan business. This helps to boost the economy and support the community. With our experience, responsiveness, and commitment to safety, we are the ideal choice for all your Telecommunications and Repeater Support needs.


Firstly, it allows access to remote infrastructure that may be otherwise impossible to reach. Additionally, helicopters can bypass rough terrain and weather, which results in faster response times and a more efficient project overall.


Moreover, helicopters can carry heavy equipment and supplies to remote locations with ease. This eliminates the need for time-consuming ground transportation, resulting in significant cost savings. Helicopters can also touch and go, allowing technicians to work on equipment without worrying about the ground conditions.


In addition to these benefits, helicopters are highly maneuverable, making them an ideal choice for difficult construction sites or hard-to-reach locations. They can also be used for routine maintenance and inspections of telecommunications and repeater systems, ensuring that they remain in top condition.


Furthermore, working with a professional helicopter company like Heli Alaska ensures that all FAA regulations and safety protocols are followed. This provides peace of mind knowing that the project is being completed safely and efficiently. Heli Alaska also work closely other charter providers, giving an extra layer of safety and security for your works.

Telecommunications and Repeater Support

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Heli Alaska’s Charter Work for Telecommunications and Repeater Support includes a wide range of services to fit the unique needs of each project. Our team has extensive experience in the industry, ensuring that each project is completed safely and efficiently. Our services are flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a successful outcome every time.

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HeliAlaska - Signal Repeater


HeliAlaska - Signal Repeater

At Heli Alaska, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services to our clients. One recent project we completed was for a telecommunications company in need of infrastructure support in a remote part of Alaska. Our team was able to access the site quickly and efficiently, despite challenging weather conditions. The project was completed on time and the customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

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When it comes to Telecommunications and Repeater Support, Heli Alaska is a clear choice. Our experienced pilots, expertise in the industry, and flexible services make us the most reliable choice for any project. Contact us today to learn more and book our services for your next telecommunications project in Alaska.

HeliAlaska - Tongass Forest

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