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About The Tour

Elevate your Alaska fairgrounds events experience with Heli Alaska’s exclusive State Fair Helicopter Tour. For just $95 per person, embark on a 16-18 minute sky-high adventure that showcases the fair from above and Alaska’s stunning landscapes. 

Accommodating a minimum of three passengers, our helicopter tour offers unparalleled views of the fairgrounds, Palmer, and Anchorage’s awe-inspiring skyline. The majestic mountains and river surrounding the fairgrounds create an unforgettable panorama.

The Heli Alaska State Fair Helicopter Tour is about creating lasting memories. From the thrill of lift-off to the tranquility of soaring above the wilderness, you’ll further gain a unique perspective on the Alaska State Fair.

As you fly through valleys and along the Little Susitna River, you’ll spot the area’s sharp mountain peaks. Keep an eye out for amazing local wildlife viewing opportunities like black bears, moose, Dall sheep, mountain goats, and sometimes caribou. As the area with its scenic vistas is their natural habitat.

Alaska state fair Tour Availability

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Where to Find Us

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You can find Heli Alaska conveniently located next to the Purple Gate, just behind the thrilling Giant Slingshot ride. Our friendly team will be there, ready to answer any questions you have about our exciting tours and to help you book the adventure of a lifetime.

Check out the map below to get a better idea of our exact location at the fairgrounds. We can’t wait to welcome you and show you the breathtaking beauty of Alaska from a bird’s-eye view! Tours will be on a first come first serve basis, so make sure you find us early!

HeliAlaska Fly Hatcher Pass
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Your State Fair Helicopter Flight

Robinson R44 - HeliAlaska

Your Tour begins at the heart of the Alaska State Fair, located in Palmer Alaska. As we take off Southeast, we head toward Pioneer Peak.  As the Helicopter climbs look west and view Mount Susitna, known as the Sleeping Lady. Look East, and you may spot the Knik Glacier. Over the Knik river valley you can spot wildlife such as Black Bears and moose!

For first-time flyers, our experienced team is here to answer any questions and ensure your comfort. We are highly skilled and trained to make your flight smooth and comfortable. The breathtaking views and the unique experience of seeing Alaska from the sky make it all worthwhile!

As you ascend, the landscape transforms. The fairgrounds give way to the rugged beauty of Palmer and the Chugach State Park.

Our route takes us over the winding River Knik, where the water mirrors the sky, and onto the dramatic backdrop of Alaska’s formidable mountains. Each turn offers a new perspective, so there’s always a new spectacle to capture your imagination.

Our helicopters are regularly maintained and piloted by experienced local professionals familiar with Alaska’s unique terrain and weather conditions. We ensure a smooth, comfortable journey so you can focus on the breathtaking views.

Finally, we make our descent back into the Alaska State Fair, completing a tour that is as memorable as it is unique. Your Alaska State Fair helicopter tour is an experience you will never forget.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Reserve your seat on the Heli Alaska State Fair Helicopter Tour today! If you want more adventures in Alaska’s skies, explore our Flightseeing Tours or check our Charter Services for custom options.

The Alaska State Fair Food

Heli Alaska State Fair Burgers

For food enthusiasts visiting the Alaska State Fair food stalls, indulge in mouth-watering local delicacies. From fresh seafood to sweet treats like kettle corn and cotton candy. The fair also hosts cooking demonstrations where you can learn to prepare Alaskan recipes with a modern twist.

While at the Alaska State Fair, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in a variety of Alaska fairground events. These aren’t just any ordinary events, but a vibrant blend of live music, art exhibits, thrilling carnival rides, and intriguing agricultural showcases. It’s an opportunity to taste traditional Alaskan foods and participate in competitions. All these elements come together to form a unique cultural celebration that perfectly encapsulates the Alaskan spirit, making it an integral part of your Alaskan adventure.

Heli Alaska State Fair Burgers
Heli Alaska Alaska State Fair 2

The Alaska State Fair Attractions

Heli Alaska Alaska State Fair 2

Experience the best of Alaskan culture and entertainment at the Alaska State Fair 2023 in Palmer, Alaska. Known for its larger-than-life attractions, the fair is a celebration of everything Alaskan. It is a place where local talent shines, culinary delights and the spirit of Alaska comes alive.

The fair, located in the charming town of Palmer, Alaska, hosts a range of events and attractions that appeal to all ages. From carnival rides to competitive exhibits showcasing the best of Alaskan agriculture, there’s an Alaska fairground event for everyone! Don’t miss the giant vegetable competition, where local growers present their enormous cabbages and pumpkins.

Helicopter tours at the Alaska State Fair are incredibly popular, come fly with Heli Alaska pre booking is encouraged as we have limited availability later i the afternoon.

For  entertainment lovers, the Alaska fairgrounds events come alive with live performances from local and national artists across a variety of genres. And for the little ones, the fair provides interactive educational exhibits and kid-friendly attractions.

Make the Most of Your Tour

HeliAlaska Fly Hatcher Pass
HeliAlaska Fly Hatcher Pass

Booking your Alaska State Fair Helicopter Tour

Heli Alaska Alaska State Fair

Does the Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour sound like the right one for you? If that’s the case, booking online or over the phone is easy. Not to mention with our automated booking system, you can pick your date and number of passengers with your phone or desktop computer.

If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Heli Alaska Alaska State Fair

If you are nervous about flying for any reason, we will be happy to walk you through the process or make arrangements to make the experience better for you. Again, please feel free to get in contact using the contact page. Our pilots love our tours and think you will too. Above all, though, we understand that everybody’s needs are different. One of us will be happy to assist you wherever possible.

Do you feel the Hatcher Pass Helicopter tour is not quite what you want? If you’d like to discuss customizing your tour, call us, and we’d be happy to accommodate your needs.

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