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Are you conducting fish and wildlife tracking? Heli Alaska is here to help! As an aviation firm based in Wasilla, Alaska, we specialize in providing breathtaking flight-seeing tours and charter services. We are committed to safety, performance, and maintenance, and our team includes some of the most knowledgeable and skilled helicopter pilots in the state, especially when tracking larger terrestrial animals.

In addition to our scenic tours and charter services, Heli Alaska has extensive experience and a deep understanding of fish and wildlife tracking using helicopters. Our seasoned pilots have worked closely with researchers, biologists, and conservationists to efficiently monitor and track various fish and wildlife species in their natural habitats. Utilizing our state-of-the-art helicopter fleet, we can navigate the challenging Alaskan terrain to provide invaluable aerial support for your research and conservation efforts, all while ensuring the utmost safety and minimal disturbance to the environment and wildlife.

Grizzly Bears seen in Alaska - HeliAlaska

Use Heli Alaska for Fish and Wildlife Tracking

Grizzly Bears seen in Alaska - HeliAlaska
  1. Heli Alaska boasts significant expertise in fish and wildlife tracking, providing valuable support for diverse research projects.
  2. Our efficient services surpass industry standards, ensuring seamless execution of your fish and wildlife tracking projects.
  3. Benefit from our competitive rates for fish and wildlife tracking, enabling successful studies without breaking the bank.
  4. Our deep understanding of Alaska’s challenging terrain and wildlife habitats enables us to provide superior tracking support.
  5. Our FAA-licensed pilots bring vast experience and knowledge to each fish and wildlife tracking project, ensuring optimal results.
  6. When contacting us, one of our expert pilots will address your needs, tailoring our services to your unique project requirements.
  7. Heli Alaska is adaptable and responsive, offering customized charter services for fish and wildlife tracking projects of any scale.
  8. We consistently monitor safety, weather, and animal behavior to ensure secure and successful tracking operations.
  9. As a local Alaskan business, we understand our community’s unique needs and are dedicated to delivering top-quality services for all clients.
  10. Choose Heli Alaska for your fish and wildlife tracking needs, and support the local economy while ensuring the finest service possible.

Heli Alaska’s R44 helicopters, manufactured by Robinson Helicopters, feature fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540 engines, ensuring exceptional power and performance for fish and wildlife tracking in even the most remote and challenging locations. With a maximum weight of 2500 lbs and an empty weight of 1505 lbs, including oil and standard avionics, the R44s are both powerful and lightweight, making them perfect for navigating Alaska’s diverse terrain during wildlife tracking tasks. These reliable, American-made aircraft are key to Heli Alaska’s ability to provide top-notch charter work services for fish and wildlife research across the region, addressing the unique needs of each project with precision and expertise.

Cost of Your Support Charter

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Furthermore at Heli Alaska, we take the understand the costs and challenges of Fish and Wildlife tracking. As such for our services we have A FLAT HOURLY FEE.

Robinson R44 - HeliAlaska

We only charge for flight time

In general with other providers, if the helicopter is in high demand, work will be more expensive.

Weather that is not favorable can make helicopter charter more expensive and necessitate extra resources.

In particular cost can be influenced by the number of personnel required.

In similar fashion, competitors’ costs can vary based on the type of equipment needed.

Of course, the cost can even depend on the location of the works, with remote areas likely more expensive. Again, we only charge for flight time.  

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Information for your Fish and Wildlife Tracking Charter

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At Heli Alaska, we pride ourselves on providing customizable charter work. Our helicopters offer a unique and efficient method of tracking wildlife, and our pilots are trained to locate and follow targets quickly and safely. With Heli Alaska, you can conduct your study without the limitations that traditional tracking methods may present.

Our team has experience working with various clients, including biologists, researchers, and government agencies. We understand that each study is unique, and we work with our clients to create customized charter work to fit their specific needs. Our helicopters are well-equipped for wildlife tracking, and we can provide support throughout your study, from planning to execution.

We work with you to understand your goals, the location of the study, and any additional requirements to ensure your study’s success.


Heli Alaska’s helicopters overcome the challenges of accessing remote locations for fish and wildlife tracking. Our pilots are adept at navigating the rugged terrain and unpredictable weather Ensuring efficient and timely execution of your research project.


Our helicopters are designed to transport the necessary equipment and supplies to facilitate fish and wildlife tracking in remote areas. This eliminates the need for slow and cumbersome ground transportation, resulting in significant cost and time savings.


The high maneuverability of our helicopters enables precise navigation during fish and wildlife tracking tasks. Allowing researchers to accurately locate and observe their target species without disturbing their natural habitat or behavior.


Partnering with Heli Alaska ensures that all fish and wildlife tracking operations are conducted in compliance with FAA regulations and safety protocols. Our commitment to safety and collaboration with other charter providers add extra layers of security to your operations, providing peace of mind throughout your project.

Heli Alaska Fish and Wildlife Tracking

Heli Alaska - Bald Eagle

With 25 years of combined experience in the area of fish and wildlife tracking, our pilots Robert and Dusty are experts in finding and tracking Alaska’s diverse wildlife. Whether you need to conduct a study on fish passage along rivers or track larger terrestrial animals, our team can assist you in locating your targets quickly and easily. With their extensive knowledge and skills, Robert and Dusty have become some of the most trusted helicopter pilots in the state. Heli Alaska can provide you with the best fish and wildlife tracking services.

At Heli Alaska, we take pride in offering Charter work focused on fish and wildlife tracking. Our team has the experience and skills to help you conduct studies and research in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. With our R44 helicopters and experienced pilots, we can take you to remote locations and provide you with a bird’s eye view of Alaska’s wildlife. Whether you need to study salmon migrations or track moose, our team is here to assist you. Book our Charter work services today and let us help you achieve your goals.

As experts in fish and wildlife tracking, our team understands the importance of accurate and reliable data. With years of experience working with researchers and biologists. We know how to assist you in collecting the information you need to make informed decisions. With our services, you can count on us to provide you with safe and efficient transportation to and from your study sites. Don’t let the rugged terrain of Alaska’s wilderness slow you down. Trust Heli Alaska to get you where you need to go and help you achieve your research goals.

Heli Alaska - Bald Eagle
Heli Alaska - Caribou in snow


Heli Alaska - Caribou in snow

Heli Alaska recently completed an aerial research project focused on studying the population of caribou in various regions of Alaska. Our skilled pilots and cutting-edge R44 helicopters were instrumental in enabling researchers to efficiently and effectively observe and monitor the caribou herds from above. The project aimed to gather crucial data on the health, distribution, and behavior of these iconic animals. To better inform conservation efforts and understand the dynamics of their population in the wild.

During the course of the study, our helicopters provided researchers with unparalleled access to remote and challenging terrains. Allowing them to closely observe caribou in their natural habitats across vast expanses of Alaska. The project involved a series of aerial surveys conducted over several weeks, covering multiple locations in diverse ecosystems. Our pilots’ extensive knowledge of Alaska’s landscape and expertise in wildlife tracking ensured that the researchers could gather accurate and reliable data throughout the study.

The success of this aerial research project not only demonstrated Heli Alaska’s commitment to supporting scientific research and wildlife conservation, but also showcased the versatility and efficacy of our charter work services. By providing safe and efficient aerial access, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced pilots, Heli Alaska continues to play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and understanding of Alaska’s unique and diverse wildlife.

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Moose in Alaska - HeliAlaska
Moose in Alaska - HeliAlaska

Ready to take your fish and wildlife tracking to the next level? Contact Heli Alaska today! Our experienced team of pilots and staff is ready to help you plan and execute your study with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Don’t let the limitations of traditional tracking methods hold you back – let Heli Alaska help you achieve your research goals.

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