The Alaskan Team

Heli Alaska, Inc. is a true Alaskan company committed to providing the safest and most efficient helicopter services in Alaska. We are family owned and operated with both of our team members being lifelong Alaskans.


Dusty Little President - Director of Operations

Dusty is a licensed Commercial Helicopter Pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). His experience in the industry has allowed him to become one of the most knowledgeable, professional, respected, and highly skilled helicopter pilots in the state.

Throughout his professional career as a pilot, Dusty has flown for several helicopter companies in Alaska, logging thousands of hours and working in some of the most challenging, technical, and difficult terrains and conditions in the industry.

While gaining this valuable experience as a helicopter pilot, Dusty maintained a professional career as an employment recruiter for the hard-to-find North Slope, Alaska craft positions in the oil and gas industry. Dusty’s exceptional ability to effectively communicate with people of various backgrounds has allowed him to successfully develop and maintain key relationships with clients, owners, coworkers, and the FAA.

Justin Lemoine Vice President

Justin has 22 years of experience in the oil and gas, automotive, and heavy equipment industries. His extensive managerial experience includes helping businesses maintain profitability by sustaining professional relationships with clients, vendors, and coworkers. Throughout his professional career, Justin supervised and managed employees, which enabled him to develop a unique skill set of creating and maintaining a positive work environment.

Justin’s dedication, motivation, integrity, strong work ethic, and leadership skills have earned him a reputation as a highly respected professional. He has always been passionate about flying and is in the process of obtaining his private rotorcraft license. At Heli Alaska, Inc., Justin’s primary responsibilities include managing the company’s day-to-day operations as well as business development functions.

Chief Pilot Robert Enjoying the Knik Glacier - Heli Alaska

Robert Kozakiewicz Cheif Pilot

Robert has been a licensed helicopter pilot for over 16 years.  With 6,000+ hours and nine years of experience flying the Robinson R44 in Alaska alone, he has become one of the most trusted helicopter pilots in the state.  

His experience includes advanced instruction, tours, sling loading, animal capture, aerial photography, and landing and slinging on and off moving boats.  

Robert has over nine years’ experience as a chief pilot, overseeing training, testing, and day to day operations of up to twelve pilots, all while maintaining a full-time flying position.  This has allowed him to build relationships with many clients and the FAA.  He looks forward to continuing those relationships into the future.  


Our Aircraft

Reliability - Safety - Performance

Heli Alaska, Inc. has chosen the high performance Robinson R44 Raven II as its primary helicopter as it offers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter at an affordable piston price.

The R44 Raven II is well known for its unsurpassed reliability, safety, performance, and comfort. The helicopter is equipped with 4 seats, with one being reserved for the pilot, accommodating a maximum of 3 passengers, and is designed so that everyone has a window seat making it the perfect choice for flightseeing tours.

Its large bubble windows offer an unobstructed view for taking in all the beauty that Alaska has to offer. With its sleek design, and impressive speed and performance, it has quickly become the helicopter of choice for commercial operators.


Safety culture is embedded in our business philosophy. Our commitment to safety begins by complying with pertinent safety regulations, maintaining our aircraft and equipment to the highest industry standards, completing every flight safely while considering environmental conditions, customer needs, and proper use of aircraft and equipment.

Our accountability and solid reputation allow us to grow our business through repeat customers and referrals. Our President and Chief Pilot, Dusty Little has over 16 years of accident and incident-free flying experience.


Maintenance is at the forefront of our safety culture and is one of the main core values that our business was founded on. All of our maintenance is completed well above industry standards and is performed by Seth Crosby. Seth is a very established A&P IA mechanic known by Alaska’s Aviation industry as the Robinson Helicopter maintenance expert. He has more than 15 years of collective experience working for many other Alaskan helicopter operators along with private owners on the Robinson R22, R44 and R66 family of helicopters. Seth performs a wide range of maintenance from 50 hour oil change inspections, all the way to 12 year / 2200 hour complete overhauls. Seth is also a licensed fixed wing and rotorcraft pilot. This allows Seth the real world, practical experience to quickly diagnose and solve a multitude of mechanical issues should they arise.


Heli Alaska, Inc. strives to be different from the other operators in Alaska and has made a commitment to providing professional next-level service and the best experience possible to all of our customers. We achieve these goals by focusing on all the small details that can be easily overlooked or forgotten. For instance:

  • Heli Alaska, Inc. takes pride in all of our equipment, and our helicopter is thoroughly detailed and cleaned after every flight.
  • Our helicopter is equipped with Bose A20 Aviation noise canceling headsets to ensure clear communication inside the aircraft, along with the ability to enjoy music from one of our many playlists during flight.
  • We only charge collective Hobbs time rather than the engine Hobbs time. This means our customers only pay for the machine while the collective is engaged and the helicopter is flying.