Flightseeing Tours

Visiting Alaska? Witness stunning landscapes from above on a helicopter ride or tour! Our Alaska aerial tours let you admire the gorgeous wilderness from the sky. Join Heli Alaska for amazing helicopter adventures, like Alaska Glacier Tours. Close to Anchorage, our helicopter tours are the top choice in Alaska. Discover more about our flightseeing tours below.

Hatcher Pass Tour

Hatcher Pass Tour

Enjoy a 30-minute helicopter tour flying north of Anchorage, deep into the Talkeetna Mountains. Glide through valleys and by the Little Susitna River, observing sharp mountain peaks and local animals along the route.

Set off on an exciting adventure with the Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour and investigate the area’s historic mining districts. Catch a glimpse of old mining camp remains and deserted buildings from the gold rush era. The Hatcher Pass area is also full of wildlife. During the helicopter tour, you might spot moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and eagles. Keep a lookout and savor the chance to see these creatures in their natural surroundings from high above. North of Anchorage, these helicopter tours explore the locals’ favorite backcountry spots.

Hatcher Pass Tour - Snowhook

Starting in 2023, we’re excited to offer a fresh experience. Witness Hatcher Pass like never before on Heli Alaska’s latest tour, in partnership with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska (SAGA). Take off and land at SAGA’s Willow facility, an outdoor backcountry adventure spot in Alaska. Enjoy on-site options for ATV, dog sledding, or snowmobiling along with your flight.

The new Hatcher Pass flight is ideal for those who want adventure and sightseeing combined. Create lasting memories in Alaska’s backcountry. Reserve your tour today with Heli Alaska and Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska for a truly special Alaskan experience!

Knik Glacier Tour

Knik Glacier Tour

Heli Alaska’s top tour lets you view five amazing Alaskan glaciers from the sky before landing on one for a special hike. This hour-long trip gives ample time to wander and soak in the fantastic views. These helicopter tours explore the Chugach National Forest area, southeast of Anchorage.

After landing, your pilot hands out crampons for walking on the icy terrain. You’ll have plenty of time for photos and videos while discovering the glacier’s ice pools and beautiful landscape.

For thrill-seekers, dive into an icy glacier pool! Bring spare clothes or a towel if you’re up for it. Or try a glacial mud mask for a genuine Alaskan experience, surrounded by stunning glacier views. Helicopter adventures open up these hard-to-reach areas. Book your Knik Glacier trip today and uncover the allure of our Alaska glacier tours!

Prince William Sound Tour

Heli Alaska - Harriman's Fjord & Prince Williams Sound

Witness the splendor of Prince William Sound on our longest and most spectacular tour. This 1-hour and 45-minute trip takes you south into the Sound, where you’ll see the awe-inspiring Harriman, Serpentine, Barry, and Surprise glaciers flowing into Harriman Fjord. Prince William Sound helicopter tours also explore the Chugach area, southeast of Anchorage.

Like the Knik Glacier trip, your pilot will give you crampons for safe glacier walking after landing. Dress suitably for the Arctic environment of Alaska. Brave a glacier plunge pool or enjoy a glacial mud mask for a unique and authentic Alaskan experience.

The Prince William Sound journey is the ultimate Alaskan adventure, offering everything in the Knik Glacier trip and more.

Heli Alaska - Harriman's Fjord & Prince Williams Sound

Talkeetna Heli-Hike


Talkeetna Heli-Hike

Join Heli Alaska for an exhilarating Talkeetna Heli-Hike Adventure, where the wild heart of Alaska unfolds from the sky down to the rugged trails. This adventure begins with a breathtaking helicopter flight over the scenic Talkeetna mountains, offering unparalleled views of Alaska’s vast landscapes. The journey continues as you land amidst the alpine splendor, ready for a guided hike that promises the ultimate wilderness experience.

Your adventure is enriched with the guidance of a wilderness first responder certified guide, who leads you through the untouched beauty of the Talkeetna mountains. This tour is not just a hike; it’s a deep dive into the natural wonders of Alaska. You’ll explore the unique flora, fauna, and geological formations, all while soaking in the history of this pristine region. Whether you opt for the 3 or 7-hour hike, each step is an opportunity to create lasting memories in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness.

From the moment you lift off to the instant your boots touch the untrammeled earth, the Talkeetna Heli-Hike Adventure is an invitation to experience Alaska’s beauty like never before. With opportunities for wildlife sightings, photography, and personal exploration, this tour embodies the spirit of adventure. Gear up for an unforgettable journey through Alaska’s natural wonders with Heli Alaska. Reserve your spot today and step into the wild.


Preparing for Flightseeing Tours

Your pilot is highly trained and experienced, and their top priority is your safety. They will provide you with, information ,and instructions, before and during your helicopter ride. It’s essential to listen carefully and follow instructions during any helicopter tour. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes, flightseeing tours are safe when conducted by our experienced and FAA licensed pilots. Our pilots undergo extensive internal and external training. Our safety protocols ensure all customers have the best helicopter rides.

Pack light for your flightseeing tour as helicopters have limited internal space. Check with our team if you have specific requirements. Luggage can be stored securely at our private hangar during your tour. Pets and service animals unfortunately cannot come on tours.

Dress for Arctic environments during your flightseeing tour. For your ride on a helicopter wear warm, comfortable, layered clothing. A light jacket, hat, gloves, and comfortable, closed-toe shoes are recommended. As Alaska glacier tours include walks on the ice. Alaska’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared on any helicopter tour.

General Information

Heli Alaska is regarded as one of the top aviation firms in Alaska, and for good reason. With ex flight instructors as pilots and locals as your tour guides you are in the safest of hands. Heli Alaska regularly work with the government on conservation projects. So have excellent knowledge of the area, plants, and animals. If you are looking for experts you are in the right place.

We prioritize safety, performance, and customer experience. Complying with FFA regulations and setting a high standard among Alaska helicopter firms. Heli Alaska’s R44 Robinson helicopters are among the best and used by tour operators, news crews and law enforcement organizations worldwide.

Alaska is known for its stunning natural beauty, and flightseeing is one of the best ways to experience it. Helicopter rides offer the chance to see miles and miles of untouched wilderness. Including towering mountains, vast glaciers, and winding rivers. Flightseeing tours are also a great way to see wildlife. Our helicopter tours let you spot bears, moose, and other animals all close to Anchorage.

Once you have tried it you will never go back, helicopters are fun! Flightseeing tours are an unforgettable experience, and we want you to enjoy every moment. Helicopter rides are enthralling adventures, so ensure to take it all in. As well as just taking photos and videos, sit back and relax. Make sure to ask your pilot if you want to take a closer look at something or need more information during your helicopter ride.

Yes! Bring cameras and phones on our adventures, capture the stunning views during helicopter our rides. Just make sure to secure your device properly and follow your pilot’s instructions during your ride on a helicopter. Bear viewing is a possibly, though not a certainty. Brown bears are present in the Chugach region National Park.

Tour Information

Our helicopters can accommodate up to three passengers and one pilot. Perfect for most helicopter rides and Alaska glacier tours. If you do have a larger group we can arrange for multiple helicopters.

Yes, we offer custom helicopter adventures. e.g. diverting helicopter tours to Anchorage, to improve a customers ride on a helicopter. Contact us to discuss a personalized flightseeing tour.

As our tours are operated near Arctic circle, we monitor weather conditions constantly. Alaska flightseeing tours can be affected by adverse weather. We reserve the right to cancel or rearrange our day trips.

We think so! Helicopters are ideal for flightseeing trips in Alaska. With agility, flexibility, and ability to fly at lower than small planes. Helicopters can hover, maneuver, and fly in closer proximity to the ground, Giving you a better experince.

In addition, helicopters are capable of landing in areas that are impossible for small planes. Even with the use of bush planes, at Heli Alaska we prefer to stop before we land.

How To Find Us

Heli Alaska, Inc. – Hanger #4, 4130 West Aviation Ave. 99629

Resources to improve your trip

For those who want to learn more about Alaska, we suggest visiting these websites. The Alaska Native Heritage Center shares information about the indigenous people and their traditions, giving a glimpse into Alaska’s history. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game have information about local wildlife that you might see on your Heli Alaska tour.

When planning your Alaska trip, the Alaska Travel Industry Association has lots of details on activities and accommodations. The National Park Service site has information on national parks like Denali National Park and Preserve. Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Railroad provide transportation options within Alaska. Other great places include the Anchorage Museum, the Alaska SeaLife Center, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which focus on Alaska’s environment and wildlife.

If you’re interested in aviation, check out the Federal Aviation Administration for our regulations and safety conciderations. The Robinson Helicopter Company site shows the engineering of the R44 helicopter used by Heli Alaska. Helicopter Association International have resources about the helicopter industry. The Helicopter Safety Alliance offers training for pilots and operators, emphasizing safety and risk management. The Helicopter History Site and the Helicopter Foundation International give historical and educational facts about the helicopter industry. The Alaska Aviation Museum has exhibits on Alaska’s unique aviation past. Furthermore if you want to talk about Alaska, or Helicopters, we are always ready to talk.