Flightseeing Tours

Get the Best Flightseeing Experience in Style and Comfort

Experience Alaska and see the beauty of our land from above. Our experienced lifelong Alaskan pilot offers safe and reliable flights in style and comfort. Our helicopter is equipped with Bose A20 Aviation noise canceling headsets to ensure clear communication inside the aircraft, along with the ability to enjoy music from one of our many playlists during flight.

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Hatcher Pass Tour

This is our most basic tour without any off-airport landings and 30 minutes of total flight time. The tour consists of a beautiful flight up through the Talkeetna Mountains passing through the historical Independence Mine State Park and offers views of jagged mountain peaks, the Little Susitna River, and excellent wildlife sighting opportunities.

This tour is perfect for people who have never been in a helicopter before and may be nervous about flying. This is our most affordable tour priced at $250.00 per person with a 2‑person minimum.

Knik Glacier Tour

This is our most popular tour as it offers a flightseeing experience of all 5 glaciers in the Knik Glacier District including the Knik, Colony, Lake George, Eklutna, and Whiteout Glaciers. The flight consists of a little over 60 minutes of total flight time along with a 30-minute glacier landing.

This gives people a unique experience with the ability to actually set foot on one of the glaciers, take a small hike, as well as the opportunity to take plenty of photos both from the air and on the glacier itself. This tour is offered at $595.00 per person with a 2‑person minimum.

Our Tour workhorse the R44 - HeliAlaska
Glacial Landscapes - Heli Alaska

Prince William Sound/Harriman Fjord Glacier Tour

This tour is, by far, the best glacier tour experience possible and happens to be Dusty’s favorite as the ice in Harriman Fjord is massive and hundreds of feet tall. It’s a truly once in a lifetime experience and provides overwhelming and breathtaking views of the Harriman, Serpentine, Barry, and Surprise Glaciers, all of which flow into Harriman Fjord.

The tour consists of 1 hour and 45 minutes of total flight time, along with a 30-minute glacier landing on Colony Glacier. The flight path we take from the Wasilla Airport leads us through our Knik Glacier Tour and extends on into Prince William Sound and the Harriman Fjord.

It’s essentially an extended version of our Knik Glacier Tour that provides a truly next-level experience. This tour is offered at $895.00 per person with a 2-person minimum.

Hatcher Pass Adventure Tours

Heli Alaska, Inc. are proud to offer a new Hatcher Pass flight experience for 2023. In partnership with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska (SAGA). This new flight includes a 30 min landing and taking off from Willow. Experience ATV, dog sledding or snowmobiling to coinciding with your flight at Snowhook Adventures.

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Custom Flightseeing Tours

There is simply no better way to explore Alaska than from a helicopter. If you have a specific location you would like to explore, give us a call today to discuss your options! We can help you with flights ranging from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.