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If you’re looking for a way to conduct geological research that is safe, efficient, and effective, Heli Alaska’s charter work is the perfect solution. Our team of skilled pilots and state-of-the-art helicopters can transport you and your equipment to even the most remote areas, making it easy to collect data and conduct research in the field.

At Heli Alaska, we provide low-level airborne geophysical surveys in support of mineral and oil and gas exploration; geotechnical, cultural, and engineering investigations, as well as terrain mapping. Our experienced pilots and staff work with clients to create a customized charter plan that meets their specific needs and goals.

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Use Heli Alaska for your Geological Research Charter

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  1. Extensive expertise in geological research, supporting mineral and oil/gas exploration.
  2. Efficient services, outperforming industry standards, ensuring timely data collection.
  3. Competitive rates without compromising quality, maximizing research budgets.
  4. Deep understanding of Alaska’s challenging terrain, allowing access to remote areas.
  5. FAA-licensed pilots with rich experience, ensuring safe and reliable flights.
  6. Direct contact with seasoned pilots, offering personalized service and support.
  7. Adaptable and responsive to unique client requirements, customizing research plans.
  8. Safety and weather condition monitoring, providing secure and successful operations.
  9. Committed to serving fellow Alaskans and clients from afar with top-notch services.
  10. Supporting Heli Alaska boosts the local economy while ensuring high-quality geological research.

Heli Alaska’s R44 helicopters, built by Robinson Helicopters, feature fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540 engines, providing exceptional power and performance for accessing the most remote and challenging locations for geological research. With a maximum weight of 2500 lbs and an empty weight of 1505 lbs, including oil and standard avionics, the R44s are both powerful and lightweight, making them the perfect choice for geological survey missions. These reliable, American-made aircraft are essential to Heli Alaska’s ability to deliver high-quality geological research charter services throughout the region.

Cost of Your Support Charter

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Furthermore at Heli Alaska, we understand the costs of Geological Research in Alaska can be prohibitive. As such for our services we have A FLAT HOURLY FEE.

Heli Alaska R44 Landing

We only charge for flight time

In general with other providers, if the helicopter is in high demand, work will be more expensive.

Weather that is not favorable can make helicopter charter more expensive and necessitate extra resources.

In particular cost can be influenced by the number of personnel required.

In similar fashion, competitors’ costs can vary based on the type of equipment needed.

Of course, the cost can even depend on the location of the works, with remote areas likely more expensive. Again, we only charge for flight time.  

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Information for your Geological Research Charter

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Our low-level airborne geophysical surveys provide accurate and detailed information about the earth’s subsurface, making it easier to identify mineral and oil and gas deposits. We use advanced technology and equipment to ensure that our surveys are accurate and reliable, helping clients make informed decisions about their exploration efforts.

We also offer geotechnical, cultural, and engineering investigations to help clients better understand the geological features of a particular area. Our experienced team can assist with everything from soil and rock testing to cultural surveys and infrastructure inspections.


Heli Alaska’s skilled pilots and staff possess extensive experience in geological surveying, ensuring accurate data collection and smooth operations.


With swift response times and efficient data collection, Heli Alaska’s geological survey charters save valuable time, allowing for accelerated project progress. Our helicopters can transport specialized research equipment to remote survey sites, eliminating the logistical challenges of ground-based transportation.


Our commitment to FAA regulations and safety protocols ensures that geological survey charters are executed securely, providing clients with confidence in our services.


We offer tailored charter plans to accommodate the unique needs and goals of each geological survey project. Our team is readily available to address questions or concerns, ensuring seamless communication and client satisfaction throughout the duration of your geological survey charter.

Heli Alaska Geological Research

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Our terrain mapping services use the latest technology to provide accurate and detailed maps of a particular area. This can be incredibly useful for clients looking to understand the topography of an area and how it may impact their exploration efforts.

By choosing Heli Alaska’s charter work for geological research, clients can benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the industry. Our state-of-the-art helicopters and equipment ensure that data collection and research is efficient and safe, while our experienced team provides customized plans that meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

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Heli Alaska - Excavator 2

Heli Alaska recently completed a comprehensive geological survey project for a leading mining company in the remote mountains of Alaska. The project aimed to identify potential mineral deposits and evaluate the feasibility of future mining operations in the area. Heli Alaska’s helicopter services played a pivotal role in the success of the project, overcoming barriers such as remote access, challenging weather conditions, and logistical challenges faced by traditional ground-based survey methods.

To carry out the geological survey, Heli Alaska utilized its fleet of R44 helicopters to transport a team of geologists and their specialized equipment to the remote survey sites. Our skilled pilots, with their deep understanding of Alaska’s terrain and weather patterns, were able to navigate through rugged landscapes and unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring the project’s timely completion. In addition, Heli Alaska’s helicopters enabled efficient data collection and facilitated touch-and-go operations, allowing the geologists to work on multiple survey sites in a single day without concerns about ground conditions.

The aerial geological survey conducted by Heli Alaska successfully identified several promising mineral deposits, providing valuable data to support the mining company’s decision-making process. The client commended Heli Alaska’s professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to safety throughout the project. By addressing potential barriers to sale, such as remote access, equipment transportation, and weather challenges

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In conclusion, Heli Alaska’s charter work is the perfect solution for those looking to conduct geological research. With our low-level airborne geophysical surveys, geotechnical, cultural, and engineering investigations, and terrain mapping services, we can provide accurate and detailed information about even the most remote areas. Contact us today to learn more about our charter work services and how we can assist with your geological research needs.

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